If You Weren’t Afraid!


So I finally picked up this book that I have been wanting to read for the past two years – Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and she asks this question in the book, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Now I don’t quite know if this question was asked by Mark Zuckerberg to her, or if she keeps asking this to herself or if it’s just a printable on one of the walls inside Facebook? Whatever the case may be, this question has stayed on in my mind. I have almost written many blog posts in my mind ever since I read this question or phrase, that I thought today is probably high time that I actually wrote the post or rather put pen on paper or keyboard on computer.

Rambling are we?!

After having walked this earth some adult years, I can confidently say that I pretty much own the phrase, “Shitting in my pants”.


Or rather I am so freaking scared all the time or afraid and hell, there are so many things I wish I had done if I weren’t afraid. I am so paranoid of so many things that if you watch closely, under strained or stressed circumstances you will probably see my teeth clattering, my knees shivering and wanting to let go of my torso, my heart beating loud enough for neighbours to hear and parched throats that only a well can quench. I am no kidding. Some of my friends have been witness to that. I get scared to literally project all the symptoms that you see in a Tom & Jerry cartoon or rather a ย scared Homer in this case.

Now what would I have done if I weren’t afraid???

  • Learnt to ride a bicycle in my childhood. I think I know how to ride one but I am not quite sure. A truck in front of me and a dawdling Cobra pretty much ended any ambition of me wanting to become a biker



  • If I weren’t afraid, I would have borrowed my friend’s scooter and learnt to ride one. Well, I did not. I had all the time in the world. I was living in a hostel. Didn’t have TV. Nothing to get high on, but heck, I spent too much time doing you know what…getting afraid.giphy-downsized (2)
  • If I weren’t afraid, I would have learnt to drive a car. Anytime in my waking adult life I would have. But then fear got the better of me and that led to me making excuses like, hey, a Mumbai girl doesn’t need to know how to drive. The city has great commuting options and where is the road?! But then a different city in India happened to me and I was stuck outside the city, in it’s rural precincts and where if I don’t know how to drive, my local rickshaw guy will soon own a car on my money and I will have to learn to ride a bicycle.


  • If I weren’t afraid, I would have applied for a job in Google or Facebook or LinkedIn…


  • If I weren’t afraid, I would have changed jobs at the right time and then again, wouldn’t have changed jobs in other cases and put on a brave fight.

And yet, on a delightful note, I must tell you that as I am closing in on this year, ย with all my clattering teeth, misbehaved knees, thundering heartbeats, parched throats and muttering Hanuman Chalisa under my breath, I HAVE LEARNT TO DRIVE !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

giphy-downsized (1)

And I am so proud of myself. I know I know it’s no big deal to 99% of the universe today, but then hey, when you see how wide I grin these days, you will know how big a deal it is to me.

I know a lot of dear ones whose lives would have been different if they weren’t afraid and many whose lives are really different because they weren’t afraid.

So now tell me your story…


I am waiting …

Love for New Ties

I love Ties. Neckties. On men and women alike.




Popular cultures are fast diluting the importance or necessity to wear a tie to work. Hence, I miss it. My first job (technically, my first corporate job) had a strict dress code at work and I loved it. Women wore Sarees or Salwar Suits with dupattas. If wearing western formals, women had to wear trousers and shirts without pockets and coordinate the attire with scarves. Men had to wear Ties and formal shirts and trousers. For meetings with Clients, a jacket was preferred. The first day I walked in to the office, I loved the crispness in the ambience. And trust me to say this, at least 60 percent of that crisp and sharp ambience came from how the men and women came dressed to work.








Ties have been around for ages. Ties or Cravats as they were known in historical times served probable functions of identifying people in particular groups or troops et al. It kept going in and out of fashion and social appearance from time to time. I will spare you the read of knowing more about the tie in my words here. If you are too keen, here is the linkย https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necktie

I love ties for the sharpness they lend to an attire. My boss Mr. Sunil Gautam wore some really good ties and I wish I knew how to make one then so I could have gifted him a handmade one. In fact most of my bosses wore them and carried them off so well.


I in my own way nursed a desire of wanting to wear a tie. Barring my school uniform which included a tie, I never mustered the courage to wear one even after I started making them.

Pink printed Kaarukriti NecktieWe the PeopleNeckties by Kaarukriti

Women wearing ties?! And why not?! They stand for power, confidence, discipline on one hand; and on the other hand can be used very artistically too. They can be quite quirky, chic, kitschy too. I love the idea of Women wearing ties. It can get really innovative, you know. With women it doesn’t have to be paired with formal clothes only. Oh, how I swoon every time I see Ellen Degeneres wearing ties, or even Diane Keaton who made wearing ties in women all too fashionable. Then there was the playful ย Avril Lavigne or even the very classy Jennifer Aniston in Friends.


dine keatonavris lavigneellenellen degeneresjen


And if these ladies weren’t enough to convince you to carry off one, here is my very own girl beautifully pairing up handmade ties in her own quirky and very stylish ways.



Ties can be very dynamic when it comes to women. ย Ties can be playful, sporty, kitschy, innovative, boho and very gorgeous. ย Pair them with formal skirts, long flair skirts, kurtis, tank tops…what have you may. Be imaginative. Be You. Celebrate You. Let’s perk up the fashion quotient a notch higher and make it a little fun. The time is Now.

And trust me, as soon as I finish with this post, I am rushing off to make one for myself too. Enough preaching, eh! ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Gorgeous Potli or Drawstring Pouch

So Potlis always intrigued me. My grandmother always made a lot of them and gifted. She had quite a few of her own. Some potlis had colourful yarn spilling over (she loved to knit), some had mangled beads of all kinds and they were such a thing of beauty and excitement to a child like me, some had her medicines and so on and so forth. My other grandmother had her Paan making essentials in a potli.

Potlis came in all sizes, shapes and the ones that came out of my Grandmother’s design were beautiful, embellished with borders, made of silks, had tassles even. And every one of them were hand sewn. Potlis were like a mysterious place to stowe away all your stuff..and more like, you never know what you may find. Even Santa Claus carries one which has toys and gifts for all on this earth.

Potlis are also called drawstring bags. They are perfect for giveaways, party favours and make great gifts for kids.

drawstring 2

I made these for my daughter’s 2nd birthday for a Barbie theme party and were such a big hit. Even today, after almost five years, I have my neighbours tell me that they have these bags and find them so useful as there is no definition of what you can carry in them.

drawstring bag 1

Potlis have been around forever. The crude start of a bag, four corners pulled together to tie up into one big knot that served to close and also as a handle to lug it on your shoulder. Travellers, monks, wayfarers…everyone used Potlis. Some cuisines even required you to gather up herbs and spices and sunk into a pot of simmering cook to gently ease out the flavours of the ingredients therein without the discomfort of seeing them all over your dish. One of my mother’s most to-die-for Biryanis need her to slide in a potli full of her special ingredients in the meat to boil. The aroma that wafts around the house when she is cooking her special Biryani is something that I can only leave to your imagination.

Only now, potlis are no more nondescript pieces of luggage, but rather they are fashion statements. Paired with gorgeous lehengas and sarees, they are pretty much a wardrobe must-have. Gota borders, jaries, tassles, silks, mirror work, embroidery…name it and you have a potli custom made only for you.

Anu Potli


_DSC1401_DSC1330Anu potli

Potli 2


So, what are you waiting for? Like I told you, they are a wardrobe must-have, so how about picking up one for yourself?! ๐Ÿ™‚

And should you have some exquisite potlis to show, I would love to see them. Go on, post your favourite potli picture.


We at Kaarukriti celebrate a life handmade. Embelleshing everyone’s lives with handmade knick-knacks that are custom made to suit your fancies, whim and imagination. Sometimes we innovate, sometimes you ideate. Together we create something beautiful that becomes a part of you and makes us a part of your life and living.

Bagwati Red Jpg

You are Special. You are Unique. There is no one else like you and there never will be. You are one of a kind there ever will be on this earth. So let’s celebrate YOU. Let’s make you something special, unique and something that hence defines YOU. Tell us what you want to get made and we will try our best to fulfill your wish.