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Change Does It

Let’s shake things up a little bit. We have been sleeping far too long. Or rather, just sedentary, not sleepy. But then hey, that’s not how anything gets done, does it?!


Decluttering seemed to be the first step. Decluttering the mind, the home. Get focused and start moving towards a goal. A goal that long existed, long cherished. It’s not easy changing. We all know that. Change is daunting. Change is uncomfortable. Change is queasy and unnerving and almost feels like the wrong cushion under your butt or the wrong pillow under your head. Change is dusty, and in my case, really dusty. Because change in my case came in the form of painting and refurbishing the house. (oh, c’mmon, everything doesn’t have to be really philosophical and metaphysical, sometimes it is just about the everyday grime, literally). So yes, in my case getting the home refurbished is step one of shaking things up.

The Door

The Door to Moina’s Room

It was fun five years back when I took up a  painting brush and doodled away on the door to my child’s room or the main door foyer. Little did I realise that a pair of eyes belonging to a one year old was watching me. The next day, she took up the brush and a pen and then things were not fun anymore. I had brought out the DoodlePro in her. Doodle doodle everywhere, not a space in sight. On the walls, on the cabinets, on TV (face palm)… then came head oil stains, bai ke haathon ka stains, dal ka stains and I was losing my mind. I just could’t get my head around it.

Miss Muffet and her wall

Miss Muffet or rather DoodlePro

The Walls five years back

The Walls five years back

brick and mortar background

I had no place for photo-shoots, for nice pictures of my products. I was using brick and mortar as special effects background, because that was what was starting to get visible in my house.So we started to get the house painted.

Paint job

We are still nowhere close to closure, but it is helping. Somehow this pandemonium and this mess of things scattered all over the floor while the painters deftly paint away has brought about a calmness in my nerves and is giving me a renewed sense of focus and skip in my steps. Change is good. I am getting the initial feels of it.

I had my blog ‘Kaarukriti’ running since 2008. By now, if you are still here and reading this you would have realised that I ramble. So my blog was all that. Rambles, meanderings, more rambles, some banter, some more meanderings … okay, I am rambling again. But I was emotionally glued to it. I am that person who can keep re-reading my own messages and mails, because somewhere deep down I am surprised that I can even write that much and in that essence. I am so enthralled by my own penmanship that I start munching on my own texts.

Image courtesy: Google

Cheap Thrills

So, there, I was re-reading my blog, every now and then and loving it and loving so much of what I had written in the past, that I was in awe of my own mind and how it conjured up all that, that by now I was facing this monumental writer’s block. But then I realised one day amidst the painter’s bhojpuri song blaring from his mobile phone cum radio set, that ‘Kaarukriti’ – the blog was also the address for all my handiwork, rather my work, which happens to be my career now. So all the mindless midnight banter was in no way helping towards that goal. So there it was. An inevitable and long overdue change that was staring right back at me. I had to change the ‘Kaarukriti’ blog to make it more relevant. So that is what we did. Like a good girl, who listens to her intuition, I plopped myself one entire afternoon to overhaul the entire blog cum website and get it all spruced up for business.

The change feels good. Both of them. The one on the walls of my home (although i miss the little toddler doodles, so we have taken pictures of that which I will show you the next time) and the change on my cyber wall, i.e.. the website. So this shake up was good. Although if you ask the man of the house, he will sound a little more shook up than me because of the wide gaping hole in his pocket. But then hey, like I said, change is never seamless, never comforting. He will get used to it.

And see, I haven’t rambled on my new website too…well, up until now.

See you around ❤

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