Bowl Cosies and All kinds of Cosiness

The western world and I mean specifically the ones with harsher winters and longer winters and years that overlap from December to December in a drawl of winter… are the best at making all things cosy. Trust me, I never knew much about cosiness as more from a feeling within my mushy gooey heart than for it to be manifested into so many goods and products that surround us.

I landed in UK two years back and trust me, that though the weather hit me really hard…what wrapped me in all it’s loving embrace was the culture’s way for making everything cosy. And no, cosy did not stay limited to quilts and mittens and rugs and carpets… I saw all kinds of cosy…fuzzy, soft, flanneled, brushed and padded forms of cosiness. Sleep robes, bath robes, flannel onesies, woolly fleecy socks, Sherpa woolly jackets and scarves, and gloves and ear muffs, neck warmers, lap quilts, couch quilts, baby quilts, picnic rugs, tea cosies, mug cosies, bottle cosies and bowl cosies. They just know how to make the perfect and most endeared environment for cosying up in front of the TV set on a long, cold, dark wintry night and no one does it better than the western world.

It’s amazing how magazines and nowadays Pinterest gets loaded with images of warmth with all these images of man made ways of surrounding and wrapping oneself in love and handmade goodness.

So I jumped on the band wagon and started making bowl cosies. And why not. They are amazing cute things of utility. They protect all kinds of hands from hot soups and warm bowls of food, freezing bowls of ice creams or desserts and even better, you can simply use them instead of bowls to serve up cookies, popcorn or crisps. And best of all, you can just wash them up and reuse them.

85233020_10157507317302107_4194955598078410752_o (1)

I loved making them and soon realised that people need them 🙂

So here’s what I turned out over the weekend.

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