The Quirky Kitschy Tote

I love scrolling through Pinterest. I have varied interests, so just scrolling gives me a lot of ideas. It is also very inspiring to see how people all over the world have such vivid imaginations, such creativity and are so good with their hand. Gorgeous needlework, paintings, artwork, diy projects, interiors… wow!!!


Now, the other day, while scrolling through internet I found vector images. I had been toying with the idea of making a unique tote which would also lend some additional opportunity for me to lear or do something new. The vector image gave me that opportunity. It was the start of an idea. I wanted to replicate it on fabric.

The image was simply of an Indian man in a colourful turban and a colourful moustache with only an outline of his face. No features. I liked it 🙂 I got to work on it.

Applique in progress

I had a bundle of plain fat quarters. I took a lemon yellow fat quarter and chose two more fabric. One was a beautiful yellow and white polka dot fabric that I had got from my friend who is the owner of Chezvies Fabrics. And the other was a printed fat quarter. I first drew the image on my fabric and worked out an applique. This is the first time I made applique on my own. Then I added some dense wadding to the fabric and fusible interface to the fabric. After that I quilted along the outline which gave it a 3D-effect around the image.


The Applique Close-Up


The Back of the Applique


Quilting to echo the design

And on the other side, I just joined alternate panels of the same fabric that I used to create the applique and quilted stitch in ditch. This became my back of the bag. I also wanted to get over my fear of recessed zippers so I decided that I would in fact, sew this bag with recessed zipper and I am glad I did it, coz the final result was great. I also gave the bag an inner slip pocket and I finally attached some very bright and orange acryling webbing handles.

Recessed Zipper

The overall look of the bag is nothing but unique. It’s kitschy, one-of-a-kind and totally handmade. Can be washed in cold water and can be ironed. It’s really a beautiful bag to carry anywhere. It’s a fun, exciting bag and I hope it finds an owner who appreciates the work that has gone into creating it, the artwork and the concept.

The very funky Indian Turbanned Moustached Man on a Tote


The Panelled Back


IMG_20181207_103620 (1)

IMG_20181207_103647 (1).jpg

So, what have you been working on?! Do share 🙂

Also, my bag is now available in my Etsy shop, ready be shipped worldwide.



The Quintessential Crossbody Travel Bag

You can never have enough bags… trust me, no girl will disagree 🙂

There has to be a bag for every mood, for every season, for the different people you meet, a big baby bag, a small baby bag, a movie bag, a date-night bag, a coffee-with-friends bag, a walk-in-the-park bag,  I-am-making-a-statement bag, I have  a new bag, a festival bag, a new dress bag, the work bag, the lunch bag… there is never enough reasons to have a bag. And that is my biggest motivation to keep making bags.


Of late, I have been making a lot of these… Crossbody Sling Bags. Call them what you may… shoulder bag, sling bag, crossbody bag, travel bag, passport bag, mobile bag… it is the perfect go-to bag. Like I keep saying, not all bags have to carry the weight of your world.


These bags are perfect makes. They come together in a couple of hours. They are big enough to hold all your essentials like wallet, shades, a small cosmetics pouch, keys, a book… or if you are travelling, it is just right for your passport and other essentials. You can have many of these bags to match your clothes. Be it jeans, or skirts, or boho dresses or sarees… these bags are perfect for all occasions. They also make great gifts. Like I said, who doesn’t like a bag.


This bag is 11″x 10″ and has a detachable strap. It closes with a top zipper closure. I have given it a small slip pocket inside and an inner zipper pocket. It is also lightly padded and quilted to give it a nice structure. Perfect, ain’t it?!


Should you want one or more of these, you can hop on to my etsy shop here: