Love for New Ties

I love Ties. Neckties. On men and women alike.




Popular cultures are fast diluting the importance or necessity to wear a tie to work. Hence, I miss it. My first job (technically, my first corporate job) had a strict dress code at work and I loved it. Women wore Sarees or Salwar Suits with dupattas. If wearing western formals, women had to wear trousers and shirts without pockets and coordinate the attire with scarves. Men had to wear Ties and formal shirts and trousers. For meetings with Clients, a jacket was preferred. The first day I walked in to the office, I loved the crispness in the ambience. And trust me to say this, at least 60 percent of that crisp and sharp ambience came from how the men and women came dressed to work.








Ties have been around for ages. Ties or Cravats as they were known in historical times served probable functions of identifying people in particular groups or troops et al. It kept going in and out of fashion and social appearance from time to time. I will spare you the read of knowing more about the tie in my words here. If you are too keen, here is the linkย

I love ties for the sharpness they lend to an attire. My boss Mr. Sunil Gautam wore some really good ties and I wish I knew how to make one then so I could have gifted him a handmade one. In fact most of my bosses wore them and carried them off so well.


I in my own way nursed a desire of wanting to wear a tie. Barring my school uniform which included a tie, I never mustered the courage to wear one even after I started making them.

Pink printed Kaarukriti NecktieWe the PeopleNeckties by Kaarukriti

Women wearing ties?! And why not?! They stand for power, confidence, discipline on one hand; and on the other hand can be used very artistically too. They can be quite quirky, chic, kitschy too. I love the idea of Women wearing ties. It can get really innovative, you know. With women it doesn’t have to be paired with formal clothes only. Oh, how I swoon every time I see Ellen Degeneres wearing ties, or even Diane Keaton who made wearing ties in women all too fashionable. Then there was the playful ย Avril Lavigne or even the very classy Jennifer Aniston in Friends.


dine keatonavris lavigneellenellen degeneresjen


And if these ladies weren’t enough to convince you to carry off one, here is my very own girl beautifully pairing up handmade ties in her own quirky and very stylish ways.



Ties can be very dynamic when it comes to women. ย Ties can be playful, sporty, kitschy, innovative, boho and very gorgeous. ย Pair them with formal skirts, long flair skirts, kurtis, tank tops…what have you may. Be imaginative. Be You. Celebrate You. Let’s perk up the fashion quotient a notch higher and make it a little fun. The time is Now.

And trust me, as soon as I finish with this post, I am rushing off to make one for myself too. Enough preaching, eh! ๐Ÿ˜‰